A new journey begins

Who said going on your own adventure was ever easy? Not many I would say. However, we do it because we have that feeling inside, the feeling of curiosity for discovering new things and create a new story. This is what I felt back in 2010 when I decided to move to London. Was I having second thoughts? Hell yes! That little fear of thinking whether things were going to work out went all around my mind the night before the departure. But I knew inside the power of curiosity was bigger than fear. And off I went…. it´s been almost 7 years and the story continues!


This has given me the chance to meet incredible people from different parts of the world, from Japan all the way to Brazil. They are all different, they speak different languages, they look different, they have different manners, but they all have something in common, a STORY. That separates them from every human being in the world and every story is worth to be listened and appreciated.

Businesses are no different. Each of them have a story that separates them from the rest and makes them unique. However, some businesses are more successful than others because they create a story that connects more effectively with their customers. How? Knowing and understanding the audience they are talking to.

That sounds easy isn´t it? Absolutely not! This is why I have embarked on a journey to help small businesses leveraging the power of online marketing in order to create a story that connects with their customers beyond their reach and consequently establishing a strong online presence to build meaningful relationships. To be more specific, the mission is to help small businesses penetrating markets beyond their reach through content marketing, SEO and email marketing. Why? Because we believe in creating good stories that connect with people.


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